Corporate and Social Responsibility

Lighting Inc. is fully aware of U.S. Congress HR 4172, specifically with regard to section 1502-Conflict Minerals.  We continue to monitor the ongoing SEC developments and are committed to helping our customers comply with all reporting requirements, where applicable.

Lighting Inc. does not manufacture or contract to manufacture any products.  However, in our role as a distributor, some of our customers purchase products to be used in manufacturing of other products.  As a result, some of our customers have their own reporting obligations under the conflict minerals rules.  Lighting Inc. is committed to legal and ethical compliance in all business practices and while we cannot certify the country of origin on the minerals contained in the products we sell, we will obtain available information from our suppliers for products that are used as components of our customers' products when we are required to do so.

Lighting Inc. will continue in earnest to facilitate the timely flow of information to assist our customers in getting compliance information from the manufactures whose products we distribute.  A customer specific list of manufacturers can be furnished to aid our customer in determining their compliance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.